Saturday, 2 August 2014

Princesses, Prizes and Canvas

We *love* camping. Some of our best family holidays have been spent under canvas. There's something about camping that is extra restful, particularly if the site is surrounded by woodland.

When we're not in the mood for 'full on' camping we often holiday with Canvas Holidays, we've enjoyed trips to France, Italy and The Netherlands with them. During our stay at their Berny Riviere site we made the most of the close proximity to Paris and visited Disneyland. So began a love of Disney Princesses.

Canvas have recently launched a competition to win £500 worth of holiday vouchers for sharing a photo of your children dressed as Disney characters - how could I not enter? I found this wonderful photo of my son and Daughter enjoying a game of 'Princesses' (Merida and Rapunzel if you're not die hard Disney fans!) and was chuffed to see it make it through to the final voting round of the competition.

If you have a spare 10 seconds (because that really is all it takes!) I would be really grateful if you could vote for them, this is the picture you are looking for:

Just click here to vote:

Thank you!

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