Friday, 3 May 2013

Gluten Free Pizza - Big Thumbs Up to Dominos, Pizza Express and Pizza Hut!

Gluten free food is like buses it seems....

.....we wait for years for a tasty, readily available and well priced gluten free alternative to our favourite foods and then 3 turn up at once.

2013 has proven to be an amazing year for gluten free pizza. How how we missed our pizza, Seb particularly when his friends would hold birthday parties at their local pizza huts.

I am SO delighted then that the mainstream restaurants are listening to the needs of their customers.

I have yet to sample Pizza Express' new gluten free pizza (they have offered to top your own base for ages, but this wasn't practical if you were out for the day or wanted to dine spontaneously!) but I'm told they now offer not only a gluten free pizza but also a gluten free brownie - woohoo!

We have however tried Pizza Hut and Domino's gluten free offerings - here's a quick review of both:

Pizza Hut Gluten Free Pizza

I think you can see the delight in Seb's face in the picture above! We could eat most of the toppings and the base was pretty good, it is square and only available in thin crust. It was a bit dry towards the end when it cooled, but not bad - we've been back twice since for more!
Verdict? 3 out of 5 for Pizza Hut Gluten Free Pizza

Dominos Gluten Free Pizza

This is our favourite! It *almost* tastes like the pizza I remember before our gluten free days, soooo good, my only gripes are that it's only available in one size, which is pretty small and like the pizza hut alternative it got a bit dry and chewy when it cooled, but it's much nicer than the Pizza Hut version.

Verdict? 4 out of 5 for Dominos Gluten Free Pizza