Friday, 24 December 2010

A list of Mars confectionary gluten free products

I emailed Mars a while back to enquire about gluten in their products since they aren't in the Coeliac UK directory and my son was forever asking to eat some of their chocolate. They quickly replied and sent me a list of all of their gluten free products:

Bounty - Milk & Dark
Galaxy - Minstrels
Galaxy - Ripple
Galaxy - Smooth Milk Chocolate
Galaxy - Smooth Dark Chocolate

Galaxy Pieces - Milk Chocolate & Caramel
M&M's - Choco & Peanut
Milky Way - Magic Stars
Treets - Peanut Treets


Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses
Ice Cream
Bounty Chocolate Ice Cream stick
Bounty Ice Cream bar
Galaxy Caramel Swirls Ice Cream stick
Galaxy Vanilla Heaven Ice Cream bar
Snickers Ice Cream bar


  1. Thanks for sharing! Very useful!

  2. this is great info, thanks!

  3. Fantastic im a newby and well Christmas chocs etc, etc! Thank you

  4. Thanks so much!!!!! I am also a newby and a chocoholoic!!!!!

  5. Thank u for posting this info as I love my chocolate

  6. Thanks for sharing as I love my chocs

  7. Thanks for the information - unlucky husband now as I shall be eating the ones in the cupboard:-)