Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Gluten free bread

Hmmm what to say about gluten free bread? this is the one thing I really miss from my pre GF days. Seb really doesn't seem to mind, but I don't think he remembers freshly baked french sticks with thick butter or egg mayonnaise sandwiches in a summer picnic.

I have not found any ready made gluten free bread I like. Everyone raves about Genius, but personally I find it very greasy and dry and much too holey. The best we have found for children is Juvela's prescription fresh white loaf - Seb takes this in his school packed lunch every day, it's very similar to the overprocessed white sliced loaves he loved so much, I'm quite partial to Tescos fresh soft rolls (not the vacuum packed dry ones).

Last year we bought a panasonic breadmaker but I wasn't too impressed (it has a GF setting) so now prefer to bake bread by hand, the best I have found so far (that the children will eat!) is made from Juvela's (prescription) plain white mix. It is very soft, rises really well and has a lovely texture. I often make little rolls with it in a muffin tin, my only complaint is as it's such a runny dough you cannot shape it, so we have odd yorkshire pudding looking rolls instead!

Here's today's bread (cut whilst it was much too hot due to hungry moaning children!) :

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