About me

I'm a thirty something mum to 4 children under 11. We live in a little old cottage just south of Cambridge, England (UK!). We are a completely gluten free household since my eldest son was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in the autumn of 2009. My late father was also a Coeliac and I'm pretty sure I am too, but I don't want to go back on to a gluten containing diet in order to be tested, so I follow a dedicated gluten free diet.

I am a self employed author and a director of company in the babycare industry, but most of the time I spend ferrying children to and from school and baking (and boy do I spend a lot of time baking!).

My love of cooking has been resurrected since my son's diagnosis, I now home bake all of the cakes & biscuits we eat (and we eat a lot!) and dabble in breadmaking too, being gluten free has actually made me try so many new things I wouldn't have bothered trying and I'm certain we all eat more healthily too, we certainly don't eat any convenience food now (apart from a sneaky free from fish finger or chicken nugget on work nights!). I can't bear any of the ready made gluten free products - taste or money wise!

I find having a gluten free child can be really hard sometimes, particularly when my son gets invited to a party, when we're out and about shopping for the day, or want a decent meal out. Holiday wise we've braved France, Holland, Tuscany and Orlanda whilst being gluten free. We also go to Camp Bestival every year too.

So that's us then! Pleased to meet you.