Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Review - The Smurfs 2 and Jakks Pacific Toys

Summer holiday fatigue has just begun to set in, so it came as very welcome relief to be invited to a special Smurfs 2 screening with Jakks Pacific toys last weekend.

The children loved the first Smurfs film and had been badgering me to see the second one. On Sunday we set off early to the Covent Garden Odeon and were greeted by an array of Smurf characters who welcomed us into the cinema. After selecting drinks and a bag of toffee popcorn each we settled down to watch the film, which was actually pretty good! I'm really not a fan of kids' movies and have had to watch my fair share lately, but even my hardened adult heart softened at this one. I was also surprised at Katy Perry's Smurfette which was actually pretty convincingly good! 

The film centres around Smurfette who has been captured by the evil Gargomel in a devious plan to extract Smurf essence to enact world domination. As you would expect the day is saved, by a very old looking Dougie Howser MD (am I *really* that old too?!) and Emma from Glee, along with Papa Smurf and crew. Lots of laughs and even a few tears ensued and everyone left happy and uplifted. 

After the film it was time for some crazy entertainment Smurf style (that even my 'too cool' 11 year old enjoyed - though of course, he'd never actually tell you that!) and a look at the new Jakks Smurf toy range which are available from most large UK toy retailers now. The children were all given a little character to take away which they absolutely loved and have taken pride of place in their bedrooms.

My 6 year old daughter fell in love with the Smurfette fashion doll which is quite reasonably priced at £14.99. The official description for the toy reads: "Measuring 3 apples high, Smurfette has been transformed into a 7.5” Fashion Doll  complete with fabulous mix and match outfits to brighten any blue day! Simply snap on one of her Smurfy dress combinations, add a stylish accessory, pop on shoes and Smurfette is ready for anything! With flowing stylable hair and a unique Smurf Berry scent, this glamorous jet set Smurf has everything she needs to help her stay up to date with the latest Smurf trends!" 
All in all we had a great day, so a big thank you to Norton and Co. for inviting us! 

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post though we did receive free tickets for the movie.