Thursday, 9 January 2014

Our amazing new gluten free and dairy free chocolate discovery!

Yes you read that right!

Many newly diagnosed coeliacs also suffer from a lactose intolerance, which is certainly true in our house with myself and my daughter dairy intolerant and as a result I mainly eat paleo.

One thing that is really hard to find is nice gluten free and dairy free chocolate, I usually console myself with Lindt's 95% dark chocolate but still have to be sparing with it and it would be nice to have a change. To date I haven't found any dairy free chocolate that is very nice - until recently that is!

Enter Hotel Chocolat's Dark and Nutty Hazelnut Buche:

Wow - a little piece of chocolate heaven!

As as bonus it's also vegan too...the downside though is the price, at £9 for a small log, however it is really rich so you can only 2 or 3 slices at a time at most meaning it lasts a good few days. It's definitely an indulgence we'll be treating ourselves too now and again!