Friday, 24 December 2010

Are pringles gluten free?

I've been reading a little bit on the internet about pringles and gluten recently, we currently have about 6 packs of them in house (buy one get one free!) for Christmas. A couple of nights ago Seb woke up crying complaining he felt really sick and had a tummy ache - my immediate thought was "oh no, please no norovirus for Christmas!".

Anyway, some lemonade and cuddles later he went back to sleep and woke up fine the next day, but with *really* smelly breath, a sure sign he's been "gluttoned". Since he's at home on school holidays at the moment and we are a 100% gluten free house I was wracking my brains to work out what had done it, then I realised he had demolished at least half a pack of barbeque pringles and began to wonder, now I know pringles contain codex wheat starch, but he isn't sensitive to (non gluten containing) wheat and they have always been labelled as "gluten free". Still I got out the pack to check and the "gluten free" labelling had gone, same with the cheese and chive ones too, although the ready salted pack still had the gluten free labelling. I emailed Pringles to check, they speedily helpfully replied with the following:

"Hello Sarah, thanks for your email.

Except from the ‘Original’ variant, Pringles has removed the “gluten free” claim from the labels of all its products. In 2012 a new EU regulation comes into force that will set the threshold for respective labeling at below 20ppm gluten.  Current Pringles ‘Original’ already contains less than 20ppm gluten.  The decision to remove the “gluten free” claim from all other Pringles packaging now has been taken in anticipation of the coming new EU regulation and to take advantage of a recent routine artwork change.

I hope this helps but please contact me again if you have any further enquiries.

Kind regards, "

So it seems that nothing has actually changed, Seb's always been OK with them before so maybe it was just a fluke, in any case I'll be steering clear of them now I think and sticking to just the ready salted flavour.

Seb was not impressed at this news so I sought an alternative and came up with Lays Stax, a US product that is natually gluten free and they have a BBQ flavour too, you can only buy them in the UK as (expensive!) imports, but I've bookmarked this for special occassions:

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  1. That was helpful thank you my daughter was a Pringle Hollic lol until she became a Coeliac and I thought no more pringles but now ill buy just the ready salted.

    Thanks again