Sunday, 26 December 2010

Gluten free chocolate roulade and sherry trifle!

Well Christmas day came and went so quickly! we enjoyed a gorgeous gluten free dinner finished off with two decadently rich gluten free desserts.

First a gluten free sherry trifle (I just made my own GF sponge) and secondly a gluten free rich chocolate roulade (swiss roll to you and me!) and oh my was that gorgeous! I used a Leith’s recipe which is naturally gluten free since it only contains chocolate, eggs, sugar, coffee and cream. I added raspberries to ours as the acidity helps to cut through the sweetness a little!

It was a little tricky to roll, but I managed to do so without cracking it (no mean feat! make sure you have non stick baking paper!) and possibly added to much cream, but it tastes wonderful, another “you’d never guess it was gluten free” moment! I think this might be my new favourite GF recipe!

Here’s a couple of pictures:

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