Saturday, 8 January 2011

Gluten free birthday cake

My little boy, Rafferty, turns 6 on Wednesday and we are celebrating with a party at our local soft play centre tomorrow. The playbarn cater food as part of the party package but couldn’t help with gluten free options so I’ve packed up a little lunchbox of gluten free “party” goodies (Asda own brand hula hoop type crisps are gluten free for any coeliac children missing hula hoops) for Seb and will add a ham roll tomorrow morning (Tescos fresh gluten free white rolls are amazing) along with some carrot batons.

 For those of you who haven’t come across honeybuns (  you really need to check them out – Seb absolutely adores their chocolate tinker cookies (as shown in my picture), chocolate brownies and Rudolph’s Reward crispy cakes, all gluten free and in great child appealing packaging, I bought Seb a tin of their minis for Christmas and he’s already asked for another for his birthday!
We are also taking along our own gluten free party bags:

Lastly we’ll be taking along our own gluten free birthday cake. I’m still recovering from the stress (and copious baking!) of Christmas so wimped out here and took the easy option! At Rafferty’s request the cake is a simple gluten free Victoria sponge with strawberry jam, covered in standard white regal icing, rather than crafting a topper myself I took the cheat’s way out and bought a personalised rice paper (gluten free!) topper and finished the whole thing off with some wide red satin ribbon. Rafferty is Cars mad so is more than happy with the result which I think cost around £5 in total to make:

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