Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Warburtons Gluten Free Bread - or Should I Say Bread CRUMBS!

Warburtons make a bold promise on their website:

"Our baking team has been researching into producing a gluten-free and wheat-free range for about five years. It is only now that we believe that we have got the right recipe and a range of products that are of the high quality that you would expect from us."

When you're spending around £2.50 on a miniature loaf of gluten free bread from a major manufacturer, i.e: a loaf of Warburtons Gluten Free sliced brown bread, you don't expect it to resemble bird food, especially not when you open a brand new loaf and the slices come out looking like this, for the second time:

It's a shame because the bread tastes great and the texture is great (for gluten free bread) and most importantly my son really likes it, but we won't be buying it again.


  1. I get this bread for my son on prescription and fortunately have not had this problem.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear that, happens with most pre-made GF breads unfortunately. I just tried Bavarian's wheat free bread and was pleasantly surprised. If you are looking for a new brand I would recommend them, many GF options.